Digital Out of Home Production

Digital out of Home has experienced a significant degree of innovation and technological development in recent years with the introduction of HTML5 ready Out of Home screens.

For advertisers this means the opening of new doors, combining the reach of DOOH with dynamic relevant ads made possible by using HTML5, including: live feeds, interactive games, responsive ads or live streaming.

AGCS can help you develop your DOOH ads in HTML5. This enables you to speed up your production process, keep costs down and run responsive ads on the plethora of screen sizes in the market.

Live Feeds

It’s proven that relevant creativity, in the right setting, will engage audiences. In order for DOOH ads to be relevant, they should integrate data with excellent creative execution. Using HTML5 to produce Digital Out of Home ads, it’s possible to implement live data feeds into a creative, whether that be a weather info, share prices or live news.

Ubisoft – Ghost recon breakpoint

Our recent campaign in collaboration with Ubisoft and Ocean Outdoor Netherlands is an excellent example of real-time countdown timer display and was the first dynamic creative DOOH campaign in the Netherlands.

Want to learn more? Read about the campaign on our blog

Winner of the Ocean Outdoor Digital Creative Competition 2019

Gamification & Interaction

Thanks to HTML5, AGCS can code computer game style ads for your DOOH campaigns, maximising brand exposure and interest. Users are able to connect to the WIFI of an Out of Home screen and control the game with their mobile, or interact in many other ways with the ads.

Ocean cleanup interactive game

AGCS have recently won the Ocean Outdoor Digital Creative Competition with an interactive gaming experience.

Passersby are invited to play an interactive game on an Out of Home screen, using their mobile devices to collect discarded plastic from an ocean scene. The game is coded to be unwinnable, with the aim to raise awareness about the dire need to stop the plastic tide.

Dynamic Creative

Fifty Shades Darker

AGCS were commissioned by Universal Pictures Benelux to produce their digital out of home ads for a programmatic campaign that ran to promote the DVD release of Fifty Shades Darker.

The ads used a combination of HTML5 video and dynamically planned content that changed throughout the day to reveal different content to users in the daytime vs the evening.

The campaign was highly successful and the streamlined production process meant the ads were produced in a matter of days and delivered through a programmatic DOOH buying platform.

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