Display Advertising

We believe a kick ass creative is the key to a campaign’s success: this is why we love producing both beautiful and high-performing HTML5 banners. We work with lightweight code to make your creatives work smoothly on multiple platforms and devices. We can also support you with banner design & building of dynamic retargeting banners, rich media ads, geo-targeting banners, landing pages and much more.

We pride ourselves on being fast, agile and yet precise thanks to our thorough QA system.

Rich media banners

What are rich media banners? It’s HTML5 banners, but richer: rich media ads can contain video, be interactive or collect data from users. Super high impact and eye-catching, these ads can expand, shrink, float, tear and much more: they are a great option for brand awareness and user engagement.

AGCS can help you design and build striking rich media ads for your campaigns, including video banners, Homepage takeovers, Expandable ads, Floorads, interactive banners and more.

This Homepage takeover was built in collaboration with the international creative agency Dept, who developed the concept and design for the ad.

Geo-proximity Targeting

Make your ads more relevant by only showing them to the customers who are close to you. These ads work very well when promoting particular stores, or dealer locations.

This geo-proximity ad was developed in collaboration with the award winning Havas Media Group for Volvo Cars, and adapted to promote car dealerships on a local level.